What I'm Doing Now

I am working from my home office in Hitchin, Hertfordshire (UK). As with most projects, they are never "finished", and my home is no different! I am working through each room in the house and modernising it.

What am I doing in my business now?

Work-wise, I am further developing my latest gaming website, newbrowsergames.com. I am also continually tuning up Drifted and always looking for opportunities there.

I am also coaching an established blog owner on how to scale their existing website. I am open to more clients like this, so if you are looking for some guidance then get in touch.

What am I doing in my personal life now?

I broke my knee this summer, which has slowed me down. I look forward to healing my knee and returning to my exercise routine. I do not recommend breaking your bones as an adult. It really sucks! Update December 2023; Nearly healed!

On the car front, I am looking to upgrade my S15's brakes. I have sourced a mint set of 350Z front callipers for it. I just need the discs and pads to solve the front end of the car. Once that is done, I need to figure out what to do with the tiny single-pot rear callipers to help balance out the new, larger front callipers.